Vista PHPLD Template For phpLD 2.x

19th December 2006 by PHPLD Templates

Vista PHPLD Template simply ROCKS!!!
It’s our friend Chinmay from 10LD phpLD Templates, yet again, with yet another outstanding innovative idea. I think he should now be addressed as “The Innovator”. He is really starting to push the boundaries of phpLD designs.

The template has lot of things to talk about. Unique innovative design. Excellent background. In all a complete graphics rich template with beautiful integration of colors and graphics.

As some great legend said, “somethings cannot be heard and cannot be seen, but just felt”. So by just respecting his words i think you should have a look at the screenshot of the template and feel the things yourself.



Designed By : 10LD phpLD Templates

Sponsored By: Sap Nap Directory

The Template is absolutely free to use as long as you are agree to not to modify the footer links.

PHPLD Version: 2.0 and 2.1

Live Demo: Currently No Live Demo

(if you are using it, then please leave a comment here and we will put your site in live demo. Good way to get a backlink for your directory)

Download Link: Click Here

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