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25th April 2007 by PHPLD Templates

Traffic Directory phpLinkDirectory Template is a very simple, clean and professional looking phpld template. Not does it look nice, but also it can be perfect for your business directories.

The template comes from the owner of directory This phpLD Template works for paid phpLD version 3.1.0. To begin with we have a very small menu bar on the top with all the navigation options and the search bar feature. This is followed by a great looking logo, perfect for business and computer directories. The concept of image in the logo looks great. The computer with http:// all around it, is the best descriptive thing to have in logo. That’s no rocket science…..It’s common sense 🙂

The categories are designed well. Though the structure looks like similar to that of Emillie’s templates. We have two boxes on the left with “Partners” and “Sponsors” for your advertisers and party.. 🙂 Now in the footer we have a small navigation/menu bar again. Makes sense 🙂

Overall a great template and good work from the owner of Traffic Directory. 🙂



Designed By: Traffic Directory

Sponsored By: Online Stores.

Note: The template is free to use as long as the footer links to designer and sponsor remain intact. Please do not change them or use any invalid flags.

PHPLD Version: 3.1.0

Live Demo: Traffic Directory

Download Link: Click Here .

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