The Storm PHPLD Template

27th October 2006 by PHPLD Templates

Wooooooo… Rocking Baby. Why is it called Storm? It should be called, The Storm, The Sensation, The Passion. The Black Night. Man this is one of the coolest templates i have ever seen. Even before posting this template here, I just uploaded it on my directory. I couldn’t resist. All black and i guess by now you must be knowing about my inclination towards dark colored themes. This one just rocks!

Unfortunately, it comes just for PHPLD V2.0.

Well i have never heard of him before, but he definitely made a great mark here. Just have a look at this cool thing.


Author: Free Legal Forms

Sponsored By : Yet Again Aviva Directory and the links cannot be removed from the template footer.

PHPLD Version: 2.0

Screenshot: Style 1 | Style 2

Live Demo: Check Out The Cool Directory Submission

Download Link: Click Here

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