Eggmen PHPLD Template For V3.3

26th October 2008 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

Eggmen template is a very very simplistic template. Indeed, it gives your directory a very professional HTML based website look.

I think this template is good for beginners.  There is a lot of space and scope for extra things you want to put on the directory rather than just some categories and latest links stuff. It’s all upto your imagination and hard work. You can make out a brilliant directory on this template alone.

From the looks of it, i think it’s good to go with two column for categories. Rest all is good.

Eggmen PHPLD V3.3 Template

Eggmen PHPLD V3.3 Template

Theme has been provided by TastyPlacement SEO & Web. Looks like just one footer link in the theme. All the more good reason for beginners to get this template.

You can check out the demo at Austin Service Pages.

Remember, the template is only available for PHPLD version 3.3.0

Click here to download the Eggmen phpLD template for version 3.3.0

Search Simplicity PHPLD Template

24th December 2007 Comments 4 by PHPLD Templates

Search Simplicity PHPLD Template is a free theme for your PHPLD powered directories, from the house of Emillie Directory.

It’s a good concept. Basically your directories are similar in some ways to Search Engine. The template has also been such designed. If you carefully look at the template, it’s the search bar which hets most of the focus. And so is the name of the template. It’s a good template for your search engine…Oops! i meant your directories.

Search Simplicity PHPLD Template

Designed By: Emillie Directory

Sponsored By: Romow Web Directory And Web Directories List.

Well in the template, there are two links only. There ain’t any designer link. But you have to keep the link to sponsors as long as you’re using this template.

PHPLD Version: 2.1, 3.1 and 3.2

Live Demo : 7ab Directory

Download Links:

Click Here To Download Search Simplicity PHPLD Template V2.1

Click Here To Download Search Simplicity PHPLD Template V3.1

Click Here To Download Search Simplicity PHPLD Template V3.2