Default Professional Template Is Now Colorful!!!

2nd November 2008 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

You do know about the Professional template that comes default with the phpLinkDirectory version 3.3.0 script. It ‘s a blue and white colored, three column template. Although it was a good template but since everyone is using it, by default, the Professional template lost it’s glamor and like-ability.

However, All credits to Shadav, the professional template is back again. 🙂

Shadav, (Owner of, says she was getting bored with the template, so she decided to work on it. She started changing the template colors and such was the response she got for it, there are as many as 8 different colors phpLD template, that at least i know of.

Here are 6 of the 8. You can click on thumbnails for larger screenshots.

Now for downloads i wanted to link to single page at Shadav’s site, but i really couldn’t find any. So i have given link to every single template download files.

  1. GoldenRod Professional Template: Download
  2. Silver Professional Template: Download
  3. Red Professional Template: Download
  4. Green Professional Template: Download
  5. Purple Professional Template: Download
  6. BabyBlue Professional Template: Download
  7. Peach Professional Template: Download
  8. Midnight Professional Template: Download

Update: Now you can view and download the Professional template images in many more colors including the 8 above on the download page at Shadav’s site. Visit here >> Professional Template in Living Colors.

Note: Installation is pretty simple. You just have to replace/overwrite the images files in the professional template. However in midnight professional template, you have to replace the syle.css file as well. 🙂

Please Note: Shadav has done excellent work. And she hasn’t asked for anything in return. There is not even a footer link in the template. It’s would be very fair to her if at least you could thank her by linking to her site:

The template Professional is only available in phpLD version 3.3. So others please don’t even bother.

Thanks. 🙂

Elegance Free PHPLD Template 2.X

28th September 2008 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

The third of the series is named as Elegance template. Probably coz it’s very elegant in looks. The template has a beautiful color combination. In blue, white and orange, it definitely looks to be a good template.

Elegance template has great looks and also offers hell lot of space for advertising banners or Google/Yahoo/Adbrite publisher’s advertisements. A right hand sidebar with “About Us” column looks even better. The template is good for a go on all niche directories.


Elegance PHPLinkDirectory Template

Elegance PHPLinkDirectory Template

Designed By: Ally Web Directory.

Supported By: UK Secured Loans.

Live Demo: Traffic Directory.

Terms of Use: Leave the footer links as they are. If you have time, Go and read the terms on Ally Directory’s phpLD Templates.

PHPLD Version : Works with PHPLD v2.1.2 and v2.2.0

Download Link: Click Here.

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