The Green Shade PHPLD Template

28th November 2006 Comments 8 by PHPLD Templates

Wow! We have the great looking Green Shade Template in our inventory now. And guess, to whom does it belong to? That’s right. After housing 50 phpLD templates from around the world, PHPLD Templates has finally launched its first very own template for your phpLD powered directories.

Green Shade Template lives up to its name. When you see the template you will feel as if sitting in a wonderful park on a coz morning. You will feel the green shade everywhere in the template. Most exciting features include the glossy green buttons with well to go with icons for that extra brilliant looks. The color combination is great with green overshadowing the backdrop white. The layout is fantastic as well. It has two navigation bars, one horizontal with the added graphical icons and the other vertical with glossy darkish green buttons, just adding a bit contrast to the green shade. Followed by the vertical navigation bars is space for your sponsored links and network partners. To the right we have a well laid out category structure with good looking headers and buttons.

At the bottom we have some space for more sponsored links. Call these as featured sponsored links as they will include the thumbnail of the sponsor’s sites as well, just to add that bit extra touch on the special sponsors.

The submit page houses all the pre written rules for submission guidelines. The contact page let your user get in touch with you for feedback, advertisement or any other queries. The about us page let’s you take care of the description of your directory for all those who are interested in getting the info soon on your directory. Also we have the alexa traffic module with the link details.

Overall, a great template for your phpLD powered 3.06 directory as on now (The other two versions will be available shortly)
The Green Shade phpLD template has been designed by our friends Futuristic Artists. True professionals. 😉


Green Shde Template


Designed By: Futuristic Artsists & PHPLD Templates.

Sponsored By: Alive Directory And Ally Directory.

The template is free to use but the above two sponsor links should remain in the footer always.

PHPLD Version: 3.06 (Click Here For 2.1 Version)

Live Demo: XHII.

Download Link: phpLD 3.06 (Click Here)

Your Feedbacks On The Template Will Be Very Much Appreciated.