Lazy PHPLinkDirectory Staff

18th August 2008 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates
Lazy Ass

Lazy Ass

Once again, PHPLD staff failed to keep up it’s PHPLD Directory of the Month awards going! Ha Ha Ha. It’s not the first time it has happened. Time n again, PHPLD starts this contest and for 4-5 months they are like DOTM, directories, nomination and blah blah, all over the paces. They really show you that hey…we do appreciate your work and we will chose directories of the month etc. But then, suddenly from nowhere, creeps this “Laziness” into PHPLD and all goes down.

As i last recall, My Green Corner was the last chosen directory of the month….in MAY’2008. Ha Ha…

Ohhhh… They did start nominations for June’2008. There is a complete 3 page thread on their forum and guess what…it’s a Sticky… LOL 😆

However James, the moderator, closed the thread on July 1… apparently with this message:

Thread closed. Watch the announcement of the winner and get ready to submit again.
There are a lot of nice submissions this month and I am sure that the decision will be a hard one.

Humm…Okay! The decision making is so hard that it has already taken you guys 50 days. Humm!

Only thing i wanted to ask you guys since few days…and i guess David would answer this…

“Is that really so hard to chose?” Or is it just your Lazy Ass??