Soft Garden PHPLD Template

2nd November 2006 by PHPLD Templates

Cool work here on soft garden. It hasn’t been many days since Emillie Directory launched their previous template: Black motion. Again, the author/designer has done a great job. The theme is based on gardens. Colors used green, light green, sea green, and bit of blue just to enhance the garden looks. The layout is pretty good. The sponsor links and navigation bar is placed in the sidebar at the left. Nice layout. Great theme. Comes for PHPLD v2.0 and v2.1.  Good work and well appreciated. 🙂


Designer: Emillie Web Directory

Sponsored By: Romow Web Directory

The template is free to use as long as all the footer links remain intact.

PHPLD Version: v2.0 And v2.1

Live Demo: SEO Web Link Directory

Download Link: v2.0 (Click Here) |  v2.1 (Click Here)

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