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7th February 2007 by PHPLD Templates

A very simple yet very elegant phpLD template. Slushy theme phpld template has been designed by Chris Niedojadlo. An inspiration from slush drinks, this phpld template has been named as Slushy Theme phpLD template.

A great work on template by Chris Niedojadlo. A great color combination. Simplicity at it’s best. Simple logo and search bar to begin with on top. Next comes the navigation menu bar all in glittering blue. Then a red colored bar for the directory and categories name. Category structure is great again. Simple and beatiful. Greyish on backside with blueish fonts. To the right we have a small sponsors column. And ending the template with a blue colored footer. The structure is very simple, so it’s very easy to navigate around. All the grace comes with the combination of the reds, the blues and the creamish whites.

Slushy or American? 😉

Slushy is undoubtedly one of the best creations by Chris Niedojadlo and is here to rock. Much recommended.



Designed By: Chris Niedojadlo

Sponsored By: Aviva Web Directory

The template is absolutely free to use only if you agree not to remove the links to the sponsor in the footer.

PHPLD Version: 2.1 and 3.1

Live Demo: Slushy PHPLD Theme

Download Link: Click Here

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