Slick Theme PHPLD Template For Version 3.1 And 2.1

14th February 2007 by PHPLD Templates

Slick Theme phpLinkDirectory template from Emillie.

Personally, i don’t know what a slick is. I don’t even know if the theme is based on something called slick or is just a name. Probably Emillie would clear that out. So what i do know? Well, i know that slick is a great looking template. Web 2.0 ish? Yes again.

Great Logo to begin with. A hash is the symbol ( # ).  A shiny tabbed navigation bar, a bit light bluish in color. Reminds me of a template by Emillie called the Simple Tab phpLD template. Emillie is really good at giving the menu bar a tab like looks. Anyways, the menu bar also features the search bar. Then we have the typical sidebar with Partners and Sponsors section and the Categories table with well placed and well spaced categories.  This time around, the header color for sponsor, partner and categories bar is orange which really goes well with the template.

The Slick Theme phpLD template is available for phpld v3.1 and v2.1

Screenshot: Using the inside page for screenshot, as the demo i saw had adsense ads in the sidebar and i wasn’t able to take a proper screenshot.


Designed By: Emillie

Sponsored By: Inetzeal Directory Submission Company

(Do i have to repeat it everytime…? Alright, here it goes…)

Note: The Slick Theme phpLD template is free to use as long as the links to the sponsor and designer remins intact in the footer. And mindyou. Don’t be smart enough to put a nofollow attribute in the footer links. You are more smart when you appreciate the designer’s work and give them the credit which they deserve. Agree?

PHPLD Version: v3.1 and v2.1

Live Demo: eWeb Index

Download Link: Slick Theme (v3.1) | Slick Theme (v2.1)

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  1. Alright, i had a talk with Emillie.
    She says she just used the word “slick” without any reason or logic behind it. It just came to her mind, so she named the template as slick 🙂

    However after looking up a dictionary, she found that it means “smooth and glossy”.
    How true 🙂
    Well done Emillie

    Comment by PHPLD Templates — February 17, 2007 @ 3:10 am

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