Red Fusion PHPLD Template

23rd November 2007 by PHPLD Templates

Red Fusion phpLD template is a creation of Emillie Directory. It’s a very nice phpLD template designed for version 2.1 and 3.1

Red Fusion phpLD Template has the fusion of red and white colors. A very clean looking template indeed. Good logo design to begin with. Then a red web2.0 stripe with all navigation links. It then gets divided into two columns with right column this time being theplace where your sponsors and advertisers can place their ads in. Red color for featured listings and blue for regular listings. It again is a good looking template.


Red Fusion PHPLD Template

Designed By: Emillie Directory

Sponsored By: Inetzeal Link Building Company.

Note for using this template: Original footer links to the designer – Emillie Directory and the Sponsor – Inetzeal Link Building Company must remain unedited and adding a “no follow” tag is prohibited.

PHPLD Version: 2.1 and 3.1

Live Demo: YX8 Directory.

Download Link:

Click Here To Download Red Fusion PHPLD Template Version 2.1 

Click Here To Download Red Fusion PHPLD Template Version 3.1

Enjoy the template!

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