PHPLD Templates On Major Renovation

13th March 2008 by PHPLD Templates had been going through a major revamping of the site recently. As you can now notice that we have made many changes such as

  • Theme Changed: New Theme On The Main Blog Has Been Added n Modified!
  • We Have Moved To A Much Better, Reliable & Faster Web Host.
  • We Have Worked More On Our Directory Of Directories + New Looks.
  • We Have Also Added AnotherPHPLD Based Directory, Which Is A Free Web Directory.
  • We Are Also Working On A New Resource For Best Designed Directories! You Can Submit Your Directories In There If They Are Unique In Design & phpLD Based.
  • We Have Much Better Advertising Rates Now! Plus We Have Also Added Space For 125×125 Banner In Both The Main Blog As Well As Best Designed Directories Showcase Blog!
  • Quality Keywords Directory Is Back Now, Too!

We Hope you liked the changes we have made here! We would love to have your feedbacks on our work so far. Also let us know if you think we can do much better somewhere! Also, if you have a free phpLD template, then let us know about it. We will blog it here for you, all for free!


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