PHPLD 3.2.0 – The New Version Of PHPLinkDirectory

15th June 2007 by PHPLD Templates

As many of us know, PHPLinkDirectory launched the phpLinkDirectory version 3.2.0 on April 19th’2007. The script had many new features this time around.

David, owner of this wonderful script and his phpLD guys, launched the new version 3.2.0. , with immense pleasure. Incase you haven’t already heard about what David and his crew had to say, here it is…

We are pleased to announce the release of version 3.2.0.
In addition to many small fixes and improvements, here are some of the new additions:
1) Articles in Categories using FCKED Editor
2) Language Editor using AJAX
3) Contact Us Mod
4) Ban Word
5) Quick Subcategory Adder
There is much more and you can see a complete changelog here:
Click Here

Thank you to everyone that has made a contribution to phpLD.

Please keep in mind that many people will be upgrading at the same time and there may be some periods where we have a lot of requests coming in at the same time, and therefore there may be delays in responding to support requests. If you are upgrading, please be sure you have a full backup before proceeding. You should be prepared to revert back should there be a problem. Here are upgrade instructions: Click Here

Spreading the Word and Help
If you are member of any webmaster forums, it is appreciated if you can help spread the word about the latest release. If you are an “expert” phpLD user it will be appreciated if you will spend a little extra time in the forums in the coming days to help others who may be upgrading.

Well, seems pretty good features therein. Probably a time for upgarding all the phpLD templates! 😉

Please visit the phpLD forums for more information on PHPLD 3.2.0 or any other support and features.

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