Nature Grey phpLD Template

22nd December 2006 by PHPLD Templates

Yet another great looking template from our friends 10LD phpLD Templates.

Nature Grey is very natural, very grey and very beautiful. Highly recommended template for grey template lovers. I am sure you are going to like this template.

Natural Grey templates has an awesome looking header with great header image that adds all the beauty and coolness to your directory. A well placed navigation bar in header is  designed in such a way as if it’s a tabbed browsing. Just an illusion but a great one. Search button and bar, and space for links and sponsors comes to the left of well placed category table with great starry bullets. Overall, a very good looking grey colored template and very nice color combination of white and grey and blue makes the template look awesome.



Designed By: 10LD phpLD Templates

The template is free to use as long as the footer link to the designer remains intact.

phpLD Version: 2.0 and 2.1

Live Demo: Rank 1 Directory

Download Link: Click Here

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