Making Article Submissions Work for You

7th September 2006 by PHPLD Templates

For the last few years article submissions have been a popular way of promoting websites and building quality and targeted inbound links – the Silver Bullet of search ranking. As article submissions became more mainstream and automated, quality declined and the major search engines have been forced into discounting this incoming links, and tightening their threshold on what constitutes duplicate content. Many webmasters have come up with ways to make sure their articles count as back-links.

A couple of ways that have been proposed are to limit the number of sites that you submit each unique article to, offer incoming links directly to your articles, and to choose the proper article sites to submit to. Adam Coyle has created a Article Site Comparison Tool on his Webmaster Resource page. Here he proposes that the article sites with the most pages indexed offer you your best chance at you article being indexed – leading to an incoming link. He also buys into linking directly to your articles, and interlinking articles. It is at least a good place to start!

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