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Now a days, most webmasters are aware of the merits of a paid web directory. A paid web directory is a better choice compared to free web directories. One, because of the fact that paid web directories do not act as a link farm and provide better quality backlinks, and secondly, that the approval time of your submission is faster compared to that taken by free web directories owners.

Here is a list of popular and strongest paid web directories on internet. Please note that the directories are not in any particular order.

Featured Directories:

Ally Web Directory
Visit: Ally Web Directory

Visit: SquidLink Web Directory

Visit: Aviva Directory

Visit: SevenSeek Directory

Visit: 2ListNow Directory

Visit: 2SearchSmart Directory

Visit: Submit4Backlinks Directory

More Strong Directories:

The list has been compiled considering the page strength of the directory page instead of the site’s homepage. The list is not in order however the directories with banners displayed are the ones that have been featured on our site. If you want to put your banner up on this page, then contact us and your directory will be moved to Featured directories list along with your banner, however arranged in first-come-first-serve basis.

Featured Directories Placement Cost: $15

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