Reciprocal Directories

All directories usually have three kinds of links.

1) Featured Links: Costliest , Highlighted, Gets More Attention, Prove To Be A Quality Back Link.

2) Regular Links: Regular Links can be free or paid. They are cheaper as compared to featured links. However a regular link can not provide the same quality backlink or traffic that a featured link can.

3) Reciprocal Links: Reciprocal links can be paid or free. A reciprocal link is same as a regular link in a given directory. However they are cheaper than the regular link in case of paid directory. This is because of the fact that reciprocal directories require a backlink from your site for the submission process to complete. It’s kinda link exchange. Give and take relationship.

A free directory will always have a free reciprocal link submission. Free Directories List
However there are some directories which offer one of the following two combinations and at the same time cannot be categorized in any of paid or free directories. These combination are:

1) Paid Featured Link | Free Regular And Reciprocal Link

We can consider that as a free directory. So check out the list of Free Web Directories .
2) Paid Featured and Regular Link | Free Reciprocal Link

Such directories have free reciprocal links. The following list comprise of directories that offer free reciprocal links but paid regular and featured links.

So here is the list of such directories:

PR 5

TheBest25Sites Web Directory

PR 4

SEO Friendly Directory

PR 3

Avue Directory

PR 0

Piggy Directory