Latest Visited Sites Mod

27th August 2007 by PHPLD Templates

We use to have “Most Visited Listings” and “Newly Added Listings” by default in both paid and free version of phpLD. We definitely needed some addition of things in the deault phpLD script. What better can be some addition of new mods specially if this type called “Latest Visited Sites Mod” 🙂

Alright, what does it do? Well, just like “Top Links” and “New Links”, this mod will let you display all those listings, which have been recently visited by your directory visitors or browsers. This is a pretty interesting mod for sure.

You can view it live in action on “Recently Visited Sites” on DirectHoo .

This is a free mod. However, it is available in support section of phpLD Forums only. And if you’re not yet a member with the support forum, you cannot access the below thread where the codes are written.

BOTTOMLINE: Pay to phpLD forums for this free mod.

Here is the link to this thread: Latest Visited Sites Mod . 🙂

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