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28th December 2006 by PHPLD Templates

phpLD world has never been the same. We have so many good phpLD designers out there. But with likes of Syed Balkhi among the best phpLD designers, it is ensured that phpLD powered directories has an excellent future.

After a great succes of few phpLD templates namely, Soil Green phpLD Template, Brown phpLD Template, and Blue Ocean phpLD Template,  Syed Balkhi is back with Green Jump phpLD template. And as usual, the template is very elegant and very neat and clean.

Graet color combination. Black header folowed by a striking green with simple navigation bar. Very neatly placed indeed. All this followed by a centralized search bar with blue and white striped backdrop. Rest all in the template is a very well placed and well spaced categories table. Headings in all green, Subcategories in all blue and white backdrop. Syed Balkhi must have really been inspired by a beautiful peacock dancing in the rain under a white cloudy sky. The color combination is simply fabulous. And that is what makes this phpLD template much more graceful than what it really looks like.

Overall, a very neat and clean, peacock-y phpLD template.  😉

Really recommended!!!



Designed By: Syed Balkhi (eWebDirectory)

Sponsored By: Dirsensei Directory

This phpLD template is free to use as long as the footer links to sponsor and designer remains intact.

PHPLD Version: 3.0.6 and 3.1.0

Live Demo: GreenJump Directory

Download Link: Click Here

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