Deep Blue PHPLD Template For PHPLD v3.06

31st October 2006 by PHPLD Templates

Ahh, One of the bestest themes i have ever seen on a PHPLD Directory. The color combination are superb and seems like came from heaven itself. A great layout from Futuristic Artists. It comes with three additional pages. They are:

1) Contact Page (with custom seetings so that people can mail you with their problems, suggestions or for advertising info or query, easily)

2) About Us Page : Obviously gonna be about your website which you can easily customize through the .php file.

3) Partners Page: Your sponsors or your partner sites. Or the advertisers. You can publish the name of all those partners in this page with screenshots. All stuff provided in the package.

All these pages are linked in Homepage along with the other defaults that is Top Hits and Newest Links.

Orange and blue colors add great looks to the layout. Images in sponsors column enhances the looks even more.

Great theme altogether and hats off to Futuristic Arts for the work.


Author: Futuristic Artists

PHPLD Version: 3.06

Live Demo: Ally Directory

Download Link: Click Here

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