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15th June 2007 by PHPLD Templates

CSS Template comes from Production house of Syed Balki. It’s a well thought of template. It’s proably one of the first XHTML valid template, released free for PHPLinkDirectory. WellCSS PHPLD Template, being XHTML valid, allows user to edit and make changes to the template, very easily and comfortably.

A very simple looking template. It’s more of SEO effective than attractive kind of template. So serious directory owners will most likely be using this one. A simple menu bar with nice hover effect. A clean category looks with a left sidebar. Stats and Search also being a part of the sidebar. But hey, Syed definitely cannot resist making dashing looking PR buttons. Another cool looking PR buttons, yet compratively very simple looking compared to his capabilities and creations. 🙂

Much recommended for directory owners.



Designed By: Syed Balkhi (Owner of Genuine Web Directory)

Sponsored By: Make A Search Directory

Note: The template is free to use as long as the footer links to designer and sponsor remain intact. Please do not change them or use any invalid flags.

PHPLD Version: 2.1, 3.06, 3.1.0 and 3.2.0

Live Demo: CSS Template.

Download Link:

Click Here to Download CSS PHpld Template Version 2.1

Click Here to Download CSS PHpld Template Version 3.0.6

Click Here to Download CSS PHpld Template Version 3.1.0

Click Here to Download CSS PHpld Template Version 3.2.0

Strangely, this is the first time Syed Balkhi steps into 2.x version world of PHPLD. 😉 This is infact thefirst time he designed a template for version 2.1

Do leave your feedbacks on the template.

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