Crispy Cut PHPLD Template For 3.1 And 2.1

14th February 2007 by PHPLD Templates

Wow! Wow! Wow! No…I’m not barking. I am appreciating the Crispy Cut phpLD template from our phpLD templates designer, Emillie.

They are defintely getting better and better with each and every template. Crispy Cut phpld template is by far, one of the best phpLD template that Emillie has designed. Well done Emillie

Crispy Cut phpLD template is a blend of bright colors and great design. Web 2.0 ish? You bet it is! Glossy…Colorful….and yet very soothing to eyes! Starts off with a shiny blue navigation bar, which also features the search bar. Nice concept. Then comes the logo on a beatifully designed orange colored header with blackish font colored logo. Wow! That’s what i call a color combination sense. Excellent!!! After that we have the typical Emillie style sidebar and categories table. But a pleasant change are the violet/pinkish colored headers for the sponsor, partners and categories. Great template and nowi know…even sky is not the limit 😉

And hey…i wasn’t barking in the first line 🙁

Okay, so the template is available for phpld v3.1 and v2.1. And it’s recommended by us…The phpLD templates 😉



Designed By: Emillie Directory

Sponsored By: Inetzeal Directory Submission Comnpany

And am telling you again. The free templates are always free to use. But you have to respect the efforts behind the designing such phpLD templates. And in return all you need to do is : Do not remove the designer or footer links ever! Until unless ofcourse you have permission from the template owner.

PHPLD Version: 3.1 and 2.1

Live Demo: Deeplinknet Directory

Download Link: Crispy Cut: 3.1.0 | Crispy Cut: 2.1

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