Crimson Drop PHPLD Template

31st October 2006 by PHPLD Templates

A great template from Graffias. And this is the probably only template i have seen in red. Ooops i mean in Crimson. For a change, a totally new PHPLD Template which is neither square, nor rectangular. A Unque shape gives it even better look. Smooth corners. Great color combination. A very clean crimson background. This template has most of the features that is required in a great template. I personally like it a lot. What’s more, it is available for both PHPLD v2.0 and PHPLD v3.06. Great template. Graffias work and hard work well appreciated.


Author: Graffias

Sponsored By: Mingleon Directory. Template is free for use as long as the links to the sponsors and author remains in the footer.

PHPLD Template: v2.0 And v3.06

Live Demo: Webmaster Link

Download Link: v2.0 ( Click Here) | v3.06 (Click Here)

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