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20th June 2007 by PHPLD Templates

Syed Balkhi Production presents Cooperation phpLD template. And it’s not just another template on the web. This one comes with a very special message from Syed Balhi. He says:

Time to time, there used to be disputes between directory owners which seemed to be resolved very easily, but now days i have seen there is a big war going on which is not going to stop unless we make it stop. Directory owners / Webmasters are attacking each other crazily in public places. It is good to have an opinion, and argue on a point, but then that hatred and a sense of revenge continues…

I think its time to stop this and work together to improve this industry, and i did not know how to get my message across so i am making this free template devoted to this purpose and this purpose only and that is to stop this wild attacks on each other.

On behalf of Genuine Paid Directory, I am proud to announce Cooperation Template which symbolizes all of us working together to make this industry better and a peaceful work environment

What an absolutely lovely thought there Syed. This is much appreciated from all directory owners who knows you. And even if it changes mind of one directory owner, you know, you are succesful and you have done something great for the society.

Kudos! for Cooperation Template! 🙂

Coming to the template now, Cooperation phpLD Template is a great looking 3 column XHTML valid phpLD Template. Indeed good to have XHTML valid template these days from Syed. Okay, the colors are good. The sidebars are spacious, can hold almost 100 links. Pretty good spacing and arrangement there. The category structure, well for a change, it doesn’t go well in two columns or more. It seems to be best when viewed in one column and that’s what you gotto keep if you use the Cooperation template.

Overall, the template is good, but remember, what’s more important is, we gotto make this world a better placeto live in. And that’s what the template symbolizes. 😉

Do checkout the bonus wordpress theme in the details below. 🙂



Designed By: Syed Balkhi (Owner of Genuine Web Directory)

Sponsored By: Paid Directory

Note: The template is free to use as long as the footer links to designer and sponsor remain intact. Please do not change them or use any invalid flags.

PHPLD Version: 2.1, 3.06, 3.1.0 and 3.2.0

Live Demo: Cooperation Template.

Download Link:

Click Here to Download Cooperation PHpld Template Version 2.1

Click Here to Download Cooperation PHpld Template Version 3.0.6

Click Here to Download Cooperation PHpld Template Version 3.1.0

Click Here to Download Cooperation PHpld Template Version 3.2.0

Matching WordPress Theme Demo: Cooperation Theme

Download Link For Cooperation WordPress Theme: Click Here.

Do leave your feedbacks on the Cooperation phpLD template.

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