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5th November 2008 Comments 6 by PHPLD Templates

WebDirectory.org.in has their skin out for you guys. 🙂

A so called lo-fi version of web directory template has been launched which actually is the same template that webdirectory.org.in has been using, except the images in the category. That’s the lo-fi version for you!

The template looks great. It works only 2 column category structure due to the category structure design/ We have a left sidebar in here which is broad enough to display banners up to 200pixels. The colors are very pleasing to eyes. A great template to go with any niche directory. It’s up to you if you want to modify it but you cannot remove or edit the footer credits to the two template providers. Neither you are allowed to redistribute it. But yes, you can modify it to suit your own needs.


Web Directory PHPLD Template

Web Directory PHPLD Template

Footer Links goes to Web Directory & Free PHPLD Templates. No need to remove them!

PHPLD Versions: Web Directory template works on PHPLD v3.3.0, 3.2.0 and 2.1.2 🙂

You can pretty well imagine how the 3.x template will look like if you visit the template provider webdirectory.org.in. However for the Live Demo of 2.x version you can visit IX Web Directory.

Download the template at Web Directory- Free PHPLD Template.

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Red Night PHPLD Template For V2.2

24th October 2008 Comments 3 by PHPLD Templates

One of the AllyDirectory.com’s template that was recently launched is this wonderful Red Night Template.

The template is available for phpLD V2.2 and V2.1.2.

It’s a good looking two column template with right sidebar. Again it’s an adsense ready template and it’s good for all niche! The template has been tested on all major browsers including the new Google Chrome.

Red Night PHPLD Template

Red Night PHPLD Template

The template has been designed by AllyDirectory.com Designer link linking to AllyDirectory’s phpLD templates.

Designed By : Free PHPLD Templates

Supported By : Adverse Credit Secured Loans.

Terms of Use: DO NOT REMOVE FOOTER LINKS. This capitalized text is for those people who despite reading Terms of Use, do remove the links. However good thing now that webhost’s does respond to the complaints and close down your directory if someone complains. We recently reported on site owned by a Saudi Arabia’s guy. Despite certain mails, he didn’t put back the links. And now his directory cannot be hosted on that server! Poor he lost all database and FTP permissions. Ha Ha Ha. I am sure you guys are intelligent enough and courteous enough, as to not remove the links. The free template providers deserve to have their links in the footer. If you can’t provide them the links then stay on with default theme!

Sorry for the outrage, but such people pisses me off!

Live Demo At: Entertainment Directory.

Download Link: Red Night PHPLD Template.

Red night template is available for the free phpLD versions, i.e. PHPLD 2.1.2 and PHPLD 2.2.

This phpLD theme is good to go on all directory niches. Adsense ready is an added advantage.

iChange PHPLD Template For V2.2

24th October 2008 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

iChange is a new and already popular phpLD template from DevHunters.com

It’s a very special and a unique template. With every click on the directory, the template changes colors. The colors are really nice to eyes although bright in nature. Below in the gallery you will find some example of the colors that will be displayed.

The template has been tested on all browsers.

Designed By: Devhunters.com Webmaster Forum.

That is it. Just one link in the footer to the designer. It will be terrible on your part if you remove the footer links. That’s the terms of use. Do not remove footer link and the template is free to use as long as you follow terms of use.

PHPLD Version: iChange is available for PHPLD 2.2. Maybe will shortly be made available for 3.3.

Download Link : Click Here.

Demo At : www.GazaTowers.com

That’s really a template you would like to go for. 😉

MintSense: The Adsense Ready PHPLD Template

29th September 2008 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

The fourth template of the ten template series by Ally Web Directory is named as MintSense PHPLD Template. It’s a green colored, right sidebar, Adsense ready template.

Much of an HTML based template, MintSense is very neat and clean and also is a Search Engine friendly template. Right sidebar supports the adsense units but it’s upto your imagination as to where all you can place the ads to get much more from your directory. Looks good for all Niche. This template will rock your directory.


MintSense Adsense Ready PHPLD Template

MintSense Adsense Ready PHPLD Template

Designed By: Ally Web Directory.

Supported By: Personal Loans.

Live Demo: SJ Directory.

Terms of Use: Do not remove the footer links whatsoever.

PHPLD Version : Works with PHPLD v2.1.2 and v2.2.0

Download Link: Click Here.

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Elegance Free PHPLD Template 2.X

28th September 2008 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

The third of the series is named as Elegance template. Probably coz it’s very elegant in looks. The template has a beautiful color combination. In blue, white and orange, it definitely looks to be a good template.

Elegance template has great looks and also offers hell lot of space for advertising banners or Google/Yahoo/Adbrite publisher’s advertisements. A right hand sidebar with “About Us” column looks even better. The template is good for a go on all niche directories.


Elegance PHPLinkDirectory Template

Elegance PHPLinkDirectory Template

Designed By: Ally Web Directory.

Supported By: UK Secured Loans.

Live Demo: Traffic Directory.

Terms of Use: Leave the footer links as they are. If you have time, Go and read the terms on Ally Directory’s phpLD Templates.

PHPLD Version : Works with PHPLD v2.1.2 and v2.2.0

Download Link: Click Here.

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