Is Your Directory Ready For Christmas?

11th December 2008 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

Hello friends!

It’s almost Christmas. It’s that time of the year when you decorate your houses and even your directories.

We have the snowflakes and falling leaves all over the place on PHPLD Templates 🙂

We searched for the Christmas designs last year as well. Check out the post : Christmas Eve & Web Directories 🙂

So going with the trend that was set last year, let’s checkout some really good Christmas templates that are up on the popular directories:

Best template design so far goes to 🙂

So what have you got on your directory? Do let us know and we will put your directory right here on this page! You may stand a chance to be the bestest of the lot! 😉

Christmas Eve & Web Directories

24th December 2007 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

It’s Christmas Eve! 🙂

I just searched in for some web directories, just to see as to what they had in store for this Christmas! Well i did find few of the directories, all colored in the colors of the festival. Let’s have a look at em.

1. Ally Web Directory.

Ally Directory

2. Wow Directory.

Wow Directory

3. 36 Towns.

36 Towns

4. Zyas Directory.

Zyas Directory On Christmas

5. Link Forever.

LinkForever Directory Christmas

6. Directory Mix.

Could not get the thumbnail for DirectoryMix.

If you know of some more directories that are ready for the festival then leave it’s link in the url. Thanks! Merry Christmas!