PHPLD Templates On Major Renovation

13th March 2008 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates had been going through a major revamping of the site recently. As you can now notice that we have made many changes such as

  • Theme Changed: New Theme On The Main Blog Has Been Added n Modified!
  • We Have Moved To A Much Better, Reliable & Faster Web Host.
  • We Have Worked More On Our Directory Of Directories + New Looks.
  • We Have Also Added AnotherPHPLD Based Directory, Which Is A Free Web Directory.
  • We Are Also Working On A New Resource For Best Designed Directories! You Can Submit Your Directories In There If They Are Unique In Design & phpLD Based.
  • We Have Much Better Advertising Rates Now! Plus We Have Also Added Space For 125×125 Banner In Both The Main Blog As Well As Best Designed Directories Showcase Blog!
  • Quality Keywords Directory Is Back Now, Too!

We Hope you liked the changes we have made here! We would love to have your feedbacks on our work so far. Also let us know if you think we can do much better somewhere! Also, if you have a free phpLD template, then let us know about it. We will blog it here for you, all for free!


Merry Christmas To All

25th December 2007 Comments 1 by PHPLD Templates

It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!

Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

He He! Funny I could write it this way! But i guess i am a little on the happier side today. Moreover it’s Christmas! 25th of December. No Templates today, it’s a Holiday on PHPLD Templates today 😆

I just came here to wish you a Merry Merry Christmas!

Wanna see a screenshot? 😆 Here you go!

Merry Christmas To All

New Design At PHPLD Templates

24th November 2007 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

Greeting Friends.

I’m Sharat Jaswal, Administrator & Blogger at PHPLD Templates 🙂

As you can see, we have a new design on our website and it’s never been better before.

We are also allowing “Guest Blogging” on our site. It means that you can write your own articles on our website. Ofcourse, your articles have to be related to directories, internet marketing, web designs or templates or anything related for that matter. For more information or for getting permission, you can contact us either by leaving your comments in this post or by mailing me.

Also, if you have some phpLD templates, that we haven’t blogged about, then please let us know about it. And we will do our best to review it and promote it as soon as we can. Same goes for phpLD mods and other development scripts and information.

We would appreciate if you can help us estimating as to how much our efforts are helping you. This can be done by few simple things like “Subscribing to our blog by email”  or “Leaving your comments on the blog posts that you like“. Very simple action of yours like these can make our day!

Lastly, if you have any suggestions, complaints, advice, queries or if you require any kind of information, then please contact us via mail. We would be more than happy to help you!

Have a great day & Enjoy the templates!

~Sharat Jaswal

Upgrade For Our phpLD Directory Of Directories

27th August 2007 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

PHPLD Templates was running a directory of directories since long, though it was a phpld 2.1 script. And we never felt like upgrading it. Probably we felt that David (phpld owner) would gift us a 3.x script for our on-house directory of directories, someday. Even if as a token of appreciation. But i guess it would never happen 😉

Anyways, yes, we upgraded the directory to the 3.x version, today. Basically the directory was made with the purpose of including all directories running on phpLD. But i guess, that to most of the people, review price of $2.49 seems to be a lot and thus the lesser listings.

However we are thankful to few people who always make it to our directorie and help them populate, whether paid or free. Special thanks to guys like Chris Hoffman owner of most popular directory>> AliveDirectory, for his continuous support in all odds.

For others, we hope to see you listed in our directory of directories soon. Really soon 😉

Flower Bed PHPLD Template For phpLD v3.1

2nd February 2007 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

Flower Bed phpLD template is very professional looking, simple, yet elegant phpLD template.

It’s very soothing to the eyes and the flower bed near the footer adds a lovely feeling of peace and beaty to the template.

Flower Bed template has been launched jointly by Alive Web Directory and Ally Web Directory.

The Flower Bed phpLD template is all torquoise or in simple words, a bit bluish. The orange tabs adds the goodness to the template similar to what flowers add to a garden. The whole color combination is very pleasing.

As far as the structure is concerned, we have search bar to begin with, followed by the logo. Unlike the common practice these days, Flower Bed template package doesn’t have the logo.psd. Instead it picks the directory name all by itself and also the directory description. So saves bit of your time. The next comes the orange colored tabs, which include the contact us tab as well. Then all the category structure, all with white background. Lastly a small image in the end that adds all the grace and thus making it a flower bed.

The template is for version 3.1.0 Specially good for those directories which do not like to sell sponsored or premier homepage links. Thus the clean template for a clean directory.



Designed By: PHPLD Templates
No link to the designer in template though. 😉

Sponsored By : Alive Web Directory & Ally Directory

Flower Bed phpLD Template is free to use as long as the footer links to Alive Directory and Ally Directory remains intact. Do not edit the footer links to sponsors.

Live Demo: If You Are Using This Wonderful Template Then Let Us Know. Leave A Comment Or Mail Us.

PHPLD Version: 3.1.0

Download Link: Click Here