Affiliate Marketing Directory

3rd February 2007 by PHPLD Templates


Affiliate Marketing Directory is a niche web directory.
The Affiliate Marketer Guide Directory was compiled to help the webmasters to quickly find the resources one needs, so as to find an Affiliate Program, build a new website, and promotion of the affiliate site.

The directory has good categories such as Affilate Programs consisiting of various niches such as Art, Automotive, Book Seller, CCP, CPM, etc. Other categories include Getting linksto your site from directories, articles, etc. Then we have the marketing tips, site creation, and various tools, all helpful in some way or the other.

All in all, it’s a very well designed affiliate marketing directory. It’s not a joke. Lot of care has been taken for making it. Much appreciated is the description on every category. Moreover it’s SEO friendly as well. So you have every reson to get your site listed in this web directory.

Visit Affiliate Marketing Directory today 😉

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