Lazy PHPLinkDirectory Staff

18th August 2008 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates
Lazy Ass

Lazy Ass

Once again, PHPLD staff failed to keep up it’s PHPLD Directory of the Month awards going! Ha Ha Ha. It’s not the first time it has happened. Time n again, PHPLD starts this contest and for 4-5 months they are like DOTM, directories, nomination and blah blah, all over the paces. They really show you that hey…we do appreciate your work and we will chose directories of the month etc. But then, suddenly from nowhere, creeps this “Laziness” into PHPLD and all goes down.

As i last recall, My Green Corner was the last chosen directory of the month….in MAY’2008. Ha Ha…

Ohhhh… They did start nominations for June’2008. There is a complete 3 page thread on their forum and guess what…it’s a Sticky… LOL 😆

However James, the moderator, closed the thread on July 1… apparently with this message:

Thread closed. Watch the announcement of the winner and get ready to submit again.
There are a lot of nice submissions this month and I am sure that the decision will be a hard one.

Humm…Okay! The decision making is so hard that it has already taken you guys 50 days. Humm!

Only thing i wanted to ask you guys since few days…and i guess David would answer this…

“Is that really so hard to chose?” Or is it just your Lazy Ass??

Multi Rewrite Mod For PHPLD

17th August 2008 Comments 2 by PHPLD Templates

With the multi rewrite mod you have several different choices for how you want to write the URLs for your article and detail pages. You have control over both the title and the extension for the url that will be rewritten. Let’s suppose this page was the title of your article (Multi Rewrite Mod). For the first part of the url you have two choices:

  1. Article-42 (where 42 is the id of the article)
  2. Multi-Rewrite-Mod-42 (where 42 is the id of the article)

For the extenstion of the url you have 4 choices:

  1. .htm
  2. .html
  3. .php
  4. / (you would select “no extension”)

Here is a screenshot to better illustrate:

Multi Rewrite Mod PHPLD

Multi Rewrite Mod PHPLD

Download: Link Removed!
The link was removed because PHPLD team didn’t appreciate a mod available from some other site.

Copy of the message that forced me to remove the download link:


I am going to have to ask you to remove the download located at(the link url) and instead link to the download page on phplinkdirectory itself.
Thanks 🙂

Link to download page on PHPLinkDirectory? Ha Ha…. Never! 😆

Note: Your server is going to need to be configured to allow us of mod rewrite (most do), and allow modification of the htaccess file (most do). If you are running a windows server, it may be possible to use the Isapi Rewrite Module (your host must have it installed).

Also, this mod is a third party product. Please take a backup before installation.

If any problems then try finding someone at PHPLD forums. Thanks 😉

We’re Back…

14th August 2008 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

After 3 Months of disappearance…we’re back!!!

Of course we will carry on the work we have been doing since past two years. We will continue to blog about all the templates, modifications, customizations and all the important information one needs to start and maintain a phpLD directory.

Those who want to know why we disappeared…well, the main reason behind it was phpLD itself. Hopefully we are going to teach some people some mannerism this time around. Ah well, fuck those rich bastards! 😆

What can you expect now from us?

Well, we are planning on a phpLD news kinda thing. Oh No….Not the usual phpLD news. It’s a special uncovering the secrets, scams, events and some similar things in and around phpLD. Also a Hall of Shame kinda thing coming up. So beware phpLD users, that can target you as well. Need not worry if you are not a scammer! 😉

Why Suddenly are we against phpLD as a company!

Well, simple….it’s been two years blogging about all nice little templates. 200 templates in total. We were the Pioneers in phpLD templates blogging! What have we achieved? Nothing!

3 subscribers to feedburner. No appreciation/linkback from the templates owner. Specially Emil*** and F.A.!…fuck em! I remember how this blog was big and frequently visited and people used to request me… “Please..can you blog about my template”. Pathetic people…only if you cared to appreciate in a good way!

Now we have decided that all these good nice blogging is not taking us anywhere. We are going to communicate with people in the language they understand! We are going to bring to the world the inside filth of this business!

And those who are good at heart and have been replying to the posts and frequently visiting our website, well thank you! The stuff you come here for shall be available to you all the time. Because we are not forgetting the main motive of this site! 🙂 We will continue to provide you the templates and mods and important information just for your corteous “Thanks”.

Signing Off!