EcoGreen PHPLD Template From Ally Directory

27th January 2008 Comments 10 by PHPLD Templates

EcoGreen, well the name explains the template itself. It depicts nature. It depicts greenery. It depicts natural beauty. The template is very clean and well designed. It’s simple as nature. The template is a creation of Ally Web Directory. The template comes for all phpLD versions except for the latest phpld version 3.3.

EcoGreen is a very basic template which can put under HTML based directory templates. Honestly, being lesser on images, it is more of an SEO friendly template. The striking features however is the navigation menu, latest featured link on homepage and site of the day again on homepage. Navigation menu is divided into two parts, thus making the template lot more cleaner. There is ample space for you to put your advertisers and partners in right side sidebar. Probably the screenshot will be more helpful for you!


EcoGreen PHPLD Template From Ally Directory

Template By: Free phpLD Templates & Strongest Directory.

Note: you’re not allowed to remove footer links whatsoever. The footer link to designer “Free phpLD templates” and supporter of template “Strongest Directory” must stay in footer.

PHPLD Versions: 3.20, 3.1.0, 3.0.6 and 2.1.2

Live Demo: No Link Available As On Now

Download LinkEcoGreen PHPLD Template. << Visit Here For Download Links.

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Strange Blue PHPLD Template By Zorg Directory

1st January 2008 Comments 1 by PHPLD Templates

This is the first template by Zorg Directory that we are blogging about. Strange Blue phpLD Template is a very bright and bluish colored phpLD template. It’s not a strange template as the name suggest. Rather it’s a very beautiful, full of flowers template.

Strange Blue phpLD Template is a three column phpLD template with navigation links in top bar, advertisers links in left sidebar and publisher ads in right sidebar. Of course, these all are editable.  It’s a very nice theme, and as it’s the first from Zorg, i think i would say a Job very well done!



Theme By: Zorg Bidding Web Directory.

Sponsored By: Beacon Bidding Directory.

Please maintain the links top designer and sponsor in the footer. Do not remove them.

PHPLD Version: v2.1, 2.1.2, 3.06, 3.10, 3.2.0

Live Demo: Not Available!

Download Link:

Click Here to Download Strange Blue PHPLD Template for v2.1

Click Here to Download Strange Blue PHPLD Template for v2.1.2

Click Here to Download Strange Blue PHPLD Template for v3.0.6

Click Here to Download Strange Blue PHPLD Template for v3.1

Click Here to Download Strange Blue PHPLD Template for v3.2

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Orbit PHPLD Template By iGuides

1st January 2008 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

Orbit PHPLD Template has been designed by iGuides is a great internet guide and a web directory, owned by Futuristic Artist’s guy.

Orbit phpLD template is a great looking template, Just the way all other PHPLD Templates by Futuristic Artists are. The template has a great structure. Lot of brains and hard works can be seen behind this template. It’s a left sidebar, two column template. The logo is just amazing. It’s like unlocking the world. Moreover the template is available for all the present versions of PHPLD. Without much saying, let’s have a look at the screenshot of this amazing template:

Orbit PHPLD Template By iGuides

Designed By: InternetGuide.

Note: The template is free to use. But you are not allowed to remove the designer links whatsoever.

PHPLD Versions: 2.0, 2.1, 3.06, 3.1.0, 3.2.0

Live Demo: Web Directory.

Download Link: phpLD2.0phpLD2.1phpLD3.06phpLD3.1phpLD3.2.

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Happy New Year 2008

1st January 2008 Comments 1 by PHPLD Templates

It had been a great year 2007. But what’s gone is Past!

We would like to wish you a great and a prosperous New Year 2008.

Happy New Year ’08

Do well and keep visiting and supporting PHPLD Templates 🙂

Thanks to all who bought us some coffee this winter.