Trinity PHPLD Template

31st December 2006 Comments 2 by PHPLD Templates

Our friends at Emillie are back in action. Trinity is a beautifully designed template but i won’t say that this is the best phpLD template from them. Actually there every template is best in some way or the other.

Trinity has been very well designed. The designer has used up the space well. The color combination is excellent too. Right from the cool looking world map logo to the footer, the template has been excellently designed. The iconic navigation bar adds all the beauty and excellent layout makes this phpld template a graceful and elegant looking template. Search bar has been well designed and well placed and also the categories table is very well designed. We do have some place for advertisements on the left sidebar for the sponsors as well publishers adverts.

The Trinity phpld template has been designed for phpLD v2.0 and v2.1

Great template and really recommended.



Designed By: Emillie Directory

Sponsored By: Directory Maximizer – Submission Service

The link to sponsor and designer must remain in footer if you wish to use this template.

PHPLD Version: 2.0 and 2.1

Live Demo: Real Estate Directory

Download Link: phpLD 2.1 (Click Here) | phpLD 2.0 (Click Here)

SwirlMix: Best phpLD Template 2006

30th December 2006 Comments 2 by PHPLD Templates

This is nearly end of the fabulous year 2006. There was just one template which i never blogged about after it’s launch. Because if there had to be one template that had to be “The Best Template Of Year 2006”, it had to be “The SwirlMix” by Serg of RealWD.


phpLD Templates officially announce SwirlMix as the “The Best Free phpLD Template of Year 2006“.

SwirlMix has been very carefully designed. This phpLD template has all the grace, the beauty, the design, the glamour, the looks. I mean, what else can one ask for?

The header fonts, the search bar, the navigation bar and the categories table. We have that in every template. But all the hard work shows up here in SwirlMix phpLD template. You will fall in love with the background design. Very rarely it happens that dark colored template seems so much pleasing to your eyes. SwirlMix is no exception for such templates. Moreover the template is for phpLD version 3.1, 3.06 and 2.1.

Without speaking further about SwirlMix template, let’s see what it looks like.



Designed By: Serg (RealWD)

Sponsored By: Alive Directory

This beautiful phpLD template is free to use as long as the links in the footer remains intact.

phpLD Version: 3.1 and 3.06 and 2.1

Live Demo: Vistadex


Click Here For phpLD v2.1

Click Here For phpLD v3.06 and 3.1

Green Jump phpLD Template

28th December 2006 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

phpLD world has never been the same. We have so many good phpLD designers out there. But with likes of Syed Balkhi among the best phpLD designers, it is ensured that phpLD powered directories has an excellent future.

After a great succes of few phpLD templates namely, Soil Green phpLD Template, Brown phpLD Template, and Blue Ocean phpLD Template,  Syed Balkhi is back with Green Jump phpLD template. And as usual, the template is very elegant and very neat and clean.

Graet color combination. Black header folowed by a striking green with simple navigation bar. Very neatly placed indeed. All this followed by a centralized search bar with blue and white striped backdrop. Rest all in the template is a very well placed and well spaced categories table. Headings in all green, Subcategories in all blue and white backdrop. Syed Balkhi must have really been inspired by a beautiful peacock dancing in the rain under a white cloudy sky. The color combination is simply fabulous. And that is what makes this phpLD template much more graceful than what it really looks like.

Overall, a very neat and clean, peacock-y phpLD template.  😉

Really recommended!!!



Designed By: Syed Balkhi (eWebDirectory)

Sponsored By: Dirsensei Directory

This phpLD template is free to use as long as the footer links to sponsor and designer remains intact.

PHPLD Version: 3.0.6 and 3.1.0

Live Demo: GreenJump Directory

Download Link: Click Here

Light Blue Theme phpLD Template

27th December 2006 Comments 1 by PHPLD Templates

Light Blue Theme phpLD template has been designed by Chris Niedojadlo. It is believed to inspired by the Warp Directory design which was originally designed by our friend Serg of RealWD.

Inspired or not, this phpld template looks much or less like the same beautiful template on Warp directory. The template really looks very nice and the layout is excellent as well. Blue white and red is the pick of the colors. I don’t think it was easy to chose this color combination. But all credits to the designer to make it look much more than just “good”. Coming onto the layout, the designer has really used his brain rather than just putting all the essentials. Good header space to start with and excellently designed and well placed navigation bar to follow. Then we have some space for the description of the directory well integrated alongside a brilliantly designed searchbar. Now comes the best part of the template. The category structure is simply rocking! The colors, the placement of categories, the buttons, the bullets, everything has hard work and talent written behind it. The template surely rocks and all credit to our designer friend Serg.

I really recommend this template to all those who admire beaty and excellence. Good work Serg. Also credits to Chris Niedojadlo for redesigning it and releasing it for free.



Designed By: Warp Directory
Original design by Serg at RealWD

Sponsored By: Adult Vacation

The template is free to use as long as link to the sponsor and designer remains intact in the footer.

PHPLD Version: v3.1.0 and v2.1

Live Demo: Click Here

Download Link: Click Here

Round Robin phpLD Template

27th December 2006 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

Round Robin is a well designed phpLD template designed for phpLD version 2.0 and 3.1.

Round Robin is designed by guys at Premium Web Directory.

Coming onto the template, Round Robin phpld template is a template of icons and buttons. So it is completely pictorial in representation. Talking about colors, well, blue over white always looks great. So is the case in this phpLD template. Good color combination. The structure has a lot to talk about. To begin with we have a simple text for the directory description. Following it we have a unique navigation bars with icons like depicting keyboard buttons. Nice idea from the designer. Okay we have the serach bar after that. Again some space for your directory description. A very good looking category structure follows in the layout. Well placed categories, great icons to go along with it, and this really is the best part of the template. In the end we have some space for friends/sponsors/advertisers which is enhanced with screenshots which furthers adds grace to the template. Overall a great template and recommended for those who believe in the quote “Pictures speaks louder than words” 😉



Designed By: Premium Web Directory

Sponsored By: Alive Web Directory

The template is free to use as long as the link to sponsor and designer remains intact in the footer.

PHPLD Version: 2.0 and 3.1.0

Live Demo: Click Here

Download Link: phpLD v3.1.0 (Click Here) | phpLD v2.0 (Click Here)