Visual Theme PHPLD Template

31st October 2006 Comments 1 by PHPLD Templates

So NetInventory guys are back. Great template once again. Well actually they are making a habit now to produce some great templates again and again. Clean template i would say,. The author hasn’t use many colors. Tried to keep it as white as possible. Actually looks good that way. The blue strip adds to looks of the template. The buttons are good. Sidebar for Navigation and Sponsors is very well placed. A great theme overall.

The template is available for both PHPLD version 2.0 and v2.1 .

As the author says it:

“Yet another reason to create a new directory or even update your directory’s design.”

Lol, i like that. 🙂


Designed By: Netinventory Directory

Sponsored By: Alive Directory. The template is free to use as long as the link to Alive directory and Netinventory remains in the footer.

PHPLD Version: v2.0 and v2.1

Live Demo: Visual Theme

Download Link: v2.0 (Click Here) | v2.1 (Click Here)

Blue Remix PHPLD Template

31st October 2006 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

Cool…Icy cool that is. This template is as simple as it can be but at the same time being a high quality template. The author has made use of the three nature colors Blue, Green and White. Beautiful layout. Easy looks on the homepage but you would definitely like to check out the inner pages. The featured links with green background and regular links with blue background will make you say just one word. “WOW”

To wrap up, it’s an excellent template. Available for PHPLD v2.1. Go get it.


Author: Alive Web Directory

Sponsored By: Alive Web Directory. This template is free to use as long as the link to Alive Directory remains in the footer.

PHPLD Version: 2.1

Live Demo: Online Ad Directory

Download Link: Click Here

Black Motion PHPLD Template

31st October 2006 Comments 2 by PHPLD Templates

Emillie Directory guys launched a free PHPLD Template. “Black Motion”. Name sounds as good as the template is. A mixture of three colors: black, orange and white for the background. Thes guys haven’t messed up their theme as usually the first time designers do. So a great work nonetheless. The layout of the template is pretty much near to great. With their first template with these ratings, you can expects bombshells from Emilie Directory in near future. All the best to them.

This template comes for two versions: v2.0 and v2.1


Author: Emillie Directory

PHPLD Version: v2.0 And v2.1

Live Demo: Webazaar

Download Link: v2.0 (Click Here)  |  v2.1 (Click Here)

Green Leaf PHPLD Template

31st October 2006 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

Greenery. Ummm…Environment friendly theme. Lol. Anyways jokes apart, Voisd has done a cool job on this PHPLD Template called Green Leaf Template. The header image includes a closeup image of a green leaf. And the rest follows. The Home, Submit Link, etc button are beautifull integrated on the template with leaf in the background. Great theme. Available for PHPLD v2.1. Good work guys. Your work is greatly appreciated!!!


Author: Voisd

Sponsored By Aviva Directory. The links to Aviva Directory and Voisd has to remain in the footer in order to use it for free.

PHPLD Version: 2.1

Live Demo: URLMoz

Download Link: Click Here

Crimson Drop PHPLD Template

31st October 2006 Comments 0 by PHPLD Templates

A great template from Graffias. And this is the probably only template i have seen in red. Ooops i mean in Crimson. For a change, a totally new PHPLD Template which is neither square, nor rectangular. A Unque shape gives it even better look. Smooth corners. Great color combination. A very clean crimson background. This template has most of the features that is required in a great template. I personally like it a lot. What’s more, it is available for both PHPLD v2.0 and PHPLD v3.06. Great template. Graffias work and hard work well appreciated.


Author: Graffias

Sponsored By: Mingleon Directory. Template is free for use as long as the links to the sponsors and author remains in the footer.

PHPLD Template: v2.0 And v3.06

Live Demo: Webmaster Link

Download Link: v2.0 ( Click Here) | v3.06 (Click Here)